one gifset per appearance → visit to the lucian freud exhibition, national portrait gallery london (08/02/2012)

The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first-ever solo visit as a royal. The chosen event was an exhibition of artirst Lucian Freud at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The Duchess, a history of art major in university, arrived at the gallery amidst hundreds of flashes and met with NPG director Sandy Nairns. Inside, she met with guests and dignitaries such as Jane Asher, Sir Ian Holm, the painter’s daughter Bella Freud and Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter Mary. Shortly before this events, it had been announced that the Duchess had agreed to a request by the Gallery to pose for a portrait.


As long as I’ve got you and we can be together and forever, just you and me

As Long As I Got You; Lily Allen// A Sky Full Of Stars; Coldplay// True Love; Pink feat. Lily Allen// Head Over Feet; Alanis Morissette// Kiss With A Fist; Florence and The Machine// Fallin’ For You; Colbie Caillat// Your Body Is A Wonderland; John Mayer// I Would Do Anything For You; Foster The People


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